May 22, 2024

How to make 6-figures on LinkedIn and reach potential clients more easily organically

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What makes LinkedIn one of the best social media platforms for lead generation?

1) Quality of leads
2) Organic reach
3) You profile can become better than a sales page

In other words, your LinkedIn profile can do the selling for you.

One of my client recently make £80K on LinkedIn solely through inbound.

1) He doesn’t have a huge following
2) He has an average of 40/50 likes per post

Another thing that makes LinkedIn special is the fact that people in there have money.

If you charge premium and want to build a following that buys from you, this platform is the closest thing to a goldmine.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1) Clarify your marketing message:

When people land on your profile, they should recognize the value you can bring into their lives.

2) Your sales process:

You should make it as easy and frictionless for people to want to dm you or schedule a call. Most people screw this up and lose deals.

3) Leverage human nature to craft content that converts:

Your content should increase the perceived value of your offer and make your program irresistible.

Value doesn’t equal clients
Demonstration = Clients

4) Master LinkedIn

You need to have a deep understating of how to easily find clients, get more reach and build your brand.

There are 100+ people who if they knew how good your product was, they would buy from you right away.

These people are scrolling on LinkedIn daily.

The good news? Most people are sleeping on the potential of this platform. Bueno ✌️

Bonus tip:

Your LinkedIn posts should Pre-qualify buyers and drive specific internal conclusions that drive purchase behavior.

That’s when content converts and the organic reach of the platform can get you several inquiries.

I hope this was a useful reminder.
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