May 23, 2024

Laurie Burrows Launches The Academy of Coaching, Mentoring & Training with Internationally Acclaimed CPD Certifications

Norwich, UK, August 1, 2023 ( –
Imagine a world where your career and your passion align, where you have the skills and the credentials to transform lives, including your own. Renowned international trainer and 7-figure mentor Laurie Burrows makes this dream a reality with the exciting launch of The Academy of Coaching, Mentoring & Training.

This cutting-edge institution provides a golden opportunity to anyone looking to soar in the coaching, mentoring, and training industry. With three Internationally Acclaimed CPD Certifications, you are not just learning – you’re mastering your craft.

Sales Mastery Certification:

Unleash your inner Sales Strategist, Mentor, and Trainer. Dive into the mechanics of influential sales techniques and strategies. This isn’t just about selling – it’s about connecting, persuading, and succeeding.

Accredited Launch Strategist Certification:

Ever dreamt of creating and scaling offers that resonate with your audience? Guided by proven strategies, this program ignites the path from idea to 6-figure success. Your launchpad to entrepreneurial achievement starts here.

Accredited Level 6 Coaching Certification:

Join a 6-month live training to become a certified mindset coach. The program is a compass to the human psyche, teaching evidence-based psychology practices. Help others be their best, and become your best in the process.

Laurie Burrows is not just launching an Academy; she’s inviting you to a journey of transformation. Her vision transcends traditional coaching. It’s about empowerment, potential, and meaningful change.

“We believe in unlocking the human potential,” says Burrows. “We’ve created a place where individuals can grow and make a tangible difference in the world. These certifications are more than a qualification; they’re a catalyst to personal and professional success.”

The success story of Laurie Burrows is a testament to what’s possible. From just £700 in her bank account to consistent 6-figure cash months while working part-time, Laurie defied odds during the pandemic and her own pregnancy. She’s not just an expert; she’s an inspiration for anyone seeking to level up their life and business.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, The Academy of Coaching, Mentoring & Training is your ticket to a thriving coaching career. If you’re ready to be part of this inspiring journey, visit our website and take the step into a future where success is not just a dream, but a living reality.

About Laurie Burrows

An entrepreneur, author, and a symbol of resilience, Laurie Burrows has the expertise that turns ideas into success. Her upcoming book “Scale with Courses” offers a roadmap to thriving outside the corporate world. For the aspiring mom-entrepreneurs and anyone willing to make a change, Laurie is the guide you’ve been looking for. Discover more at

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