May 23, 2024


Introducing Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions: Elevating Short-Term Rental Ownership with Innovative Co-hosting Services

Grand Rapids, MI, August 17, 2023 ( –

Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions, a pioneering family-owned and operated cohosting business, is revolutionizing the short-term rental landscape. Founded by Chad Schmidt, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions brings an unparalleled commitment to excellence, transparency, and personalized service, enabling property owners to fully capitalize on the potential of their investments.

With an astute understanding of the challenges inherent to short-term rental ownership, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services that handle every aspect of property management. From day-to-day operations to overcoming obstacles, the company’s mission is to empower property owners with the freedom to relish their investments while maximizing profitability.

“We started Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions because we recognized the need for a more client-centric approach. We were disheartened by the lack of transparency and genuine care in the industry,” said Chad Schmidt, the visionary founder of Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions. “Our goal is to provide property owners with a partner they can trust, a team that treats their assets like our own, and a pathway to true property ownership enjoyment.”

Derived from the ancient Greek word “Oikos,” symbolizing “the family, the property, and the house,” Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions exemplifies its commitment to managing clients’ assets with the utmost care and attention. The company’s intimate size ensures a personalized touch, allowing a focused approach to each client’s unique needs.

Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions distinguishes itself as a beacon of integrity in an industry often plagued by hidden fees and subpar service. The company’s transparent fee structure, coupled with its dedication to exceptional customer service, guarantees property owners a stress-free and profitable partnership. By leveraging cutting-edge systems and leveraging their experience, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions is equipped to manage properties all across the United States.

“Our team is driven by a passion and commitment by transforming the rental experience for property owners. We believe in giving back time, energy, and peace of mind to our clients, allowing them to truly enjoy the fruits of their investments. This allows them to focus on other areas of their life and/or work on finding their next investment,” added Schmidt.

For property owners seeking a dynamic partnership that prioritizes their success and peace of mind, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions stands as the go-to cohosting business, ready to elevate short-term rental ownership to new heights.

To learn more about Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions and explore the potential for an enriching property ownership journey, visit or contact [email protected] for inquiries.

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About Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions:

Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions is a family-owned and operated cohosting business based in Grand Rapids, MI. With a mission to provide exceptional services that prioritize transparency, communication, and profitability, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions empowers property owners to maximize their investments while enjoying a stress-free ownership experience. Through its personalized approach, innovative systems, and commitment to excellence, Oikos Vacation Rental Solutions redefines the cohosting landscape, ensuring clients’ assets are managed with the utmost care and dedication.