May 22, 2024

Krieight, a new business growth agency, announced its official launch on August 10, 2023 to help companies maximize their revenue through optimized sales, artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven marketing solutions.

Many businesses struggle with revenue growth obstacles that hinder their business success. Sales may plateau due to inefficient processes, lack of skills training, or inadequate pipelines. Marketing ROI suffers from poor targeting, ineffective messaging, and not leveraging data. Companies also face challenges harnessing the power of AI due to lack of expertise, integration difficulties, and inability to continually optimize algorithms.

These problems combine to prevent businesses from scaling efficiently. Without solutions, companies miss growth targets quarter after quarter. Customer acquisition costs soar while conversion rates stagnate. Data sits underutilized.

“We created Krieight’s comprehensive suite of solutions to solve the growth hurdles businesses commonly face today,” said Kacee Hancock, Founder of Krieight. “Our team of experts provides customized solutions tailored to each company’s unique needs for accelerated expansion.”

Krieight’s core solutions identified as SAM include:


Done-for-you sales system:
– High Performance Human Beings That Know How To Sell
– Fully integrated CRM and Phone Software
– AI Optimization and Analytics
– Tailored Prospecting Strategies
– Initial and Ongoing Sales Training
– Real-Time Monitoring, Mentoring, and Coaching
– Pipeline Management and Nurturing Sequences
– Proven Closing Processes

With this comprehensive suite of tools, technologies, and expert guidance, Krieight’s bilingual sales team implements strategies tailored to businesses for sales growth.‍


AI experts who accelerate sales and marketing performance, from increasing lead conversion to optimizing campaigns.

– Analyze Customer Data to Identify High-Value Prospects, Reduce Churn, and Unlock New Revenue Opportunities
– Create Hyper-Targeted, Personalized Marketing
– Accelerate Innovation‍
– Forecast and Plan for Peak Performance‍
– Cut Costs Through Automation and Personalization‍
– Expert Guidance to Maximize AI Impact‍


Krieight leverages data, research, and analytics to create innovative marketing strategies that captivate audiences and deliver tangible business results across channels and touchpoints.

– Website Design and Development
– Creative and Strategies
– Strategic Brand Positioning
– Data Optimized Content Creation
– Omnichannel Marketing Execution

For companies wanting to overcome growth barriers, Krieight provides proven solutions that tangibly expand revenue. Krieight’s suite of technology, expertise, and data-driven strategies aim to rapidly accelerate business growth.

About Krieight

Krieight is a leading business growth agency specializing in Sales, AI, and Marketing services. Founded in 2023 by industry experts from around the globe, their team is composed of experienced professionals passionate about helping businesses reach their maximum potential.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Krieight serves clients across various industries. Their forward-thinking culture and innovative solutions set them apart in the competitive business growth space.

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