April 15, 2024

Mortgage Industry Experts Share Insider Tips for 2024 Home Buyers

Crestone, CO – March 22, 2024 (USANews.com) – As the real estate market continues to evolve, top mortgage professionals are stepping up to offer valuable advice for 2024 home buyers. In a recent panel discussion, industry experts shared some rarely talked about ideas and tips that could make a significant difference in the home buying process.

Charles McCulloch, a seasoned Waco Texas mortgage advisor, emphasized the importance of understanding home equity. “The number one reason someone should buy a home this year is because appreciation is real. Appreciation is when the value of something increases after you purchase it. The average rate of appreciation on real estate is over 4%. That is how long term wealth is built.”

New Jersey mortgage broker, Sweet Lou Schornstein, offered great advice. “Check your credit report and scores ASAP. Time is your friend. Erroneous information takes time to correct. Also, your agents reputation matters in a highly competitive market. Winners gonna win deals.”

Zach Kraft, a respected Spring TX mortgage advisor, shared his insights as well. “One thing most home buyers don’t know about that can help them buy a home in 2024 is that their Realtor can potentially negotiate credits from the Seller to help lower their interest rates. Not every Realtor is experienced enough to negotiate these credits, so you need to ask your Realtor upfront if they have successfully gotten credits for past clients and if they are comfortable doing so for you.”

John Richter from Richter Mortgage in Minnesota. He said, “One big myth that I bust with a lot of my clients is that they think they need to have 20% for their down payment. In fact, you can buy a home with 3-5% down and still get an excellent interest rate compared to having 20%.”

Our final panelist, Nathan Einkorn, shared “If you are buying a home with a solar lease, this could derail your deal if you aren’t aware of it ahead of time. Make sure to ask about that if there are panels on the house.”

These industry experts are committed to helping 2024 home buyers navigate the complex real estate market and make informed decisions. By sharing their insider tips and advice, they aim to empower buyers to achieve their homeownership goals with confidence.

Nick Carpenter