April 15, 2024
New Baby-Led Introduction to Solids Class Offers Hybrid Approach for Safe Feeding

Corpus Christi, Texas – April 1, 2024 (USANews.com) – Parents looking to introduce their infants to solid foods now have a new option with the Baby-Led Introduction to Solids Class. This innovative class offers a hybrid method between traditional baby food and baby-led weaning (BLW), providing a safe and effective way to introduce solids to babies.

The Baby-Led Introduction to Solids Class takes a unique approach by offering infants both spoon-fed solids and table foods that are safely sized to decrease choking risk. The class consists of 4 sessions spaced out over 8 weeks, with each session focusing on different food groups and how to address and introduce allergens.

The schedule for the class is as follows:
– Week 1: The Basics
– Week 2: Messy Play
– Week 3: Protein
– Week 4: Graduation

Parents who enroll in the class will receive tools to help with the feeding process, including oral motor toys, a straw cup, a suction plate, and BLW spoons. Each session, parents are asked to bring food items that will be introduced, as well as a bib for their baby. Babies will also sit in an ergonomic UPseat during the sessions.

For more information and to sign up for the Baby-Led Introduction to Solids Class, visit the website at https://bloomingbudstherapy.com/contact.

Name: Christine Hernandez
Phone: (361) 603-6116
Email: [email protected]